The Kanye West and Kim Kardashian clan will soon have a new addition.

We shouldn’t expect a baby bump from Mrs. Kardashian-West, though. The 36-year old reality tv star and her husband sought out a surrogate to carry to their soon-to-be born child.

US Weekly reports that hiring someone to carry and birth North and Saint’s sibling carries a hefty price tag. Altogether, the power couple will have to fork over more than $110,000, with $45,000 going directly to their new surrogate.

As most mothers will attest to, restrictions like no drinking, smoking or drug usage of any kind are pretty standard for pregnancies. However, when carrying the child of entertainment royalty like Mr. and Mrs. West, there are of course a few more restraints like staying clear of raw fish, hot tubs or saunas and cat litter. These demands shouldn’t be too much of a surprise or issue for the surrogate being that she has handled surrogate duties in the past.

Some people may assume vanity purposes were behind the reasoning for Kim K. choosing to use a surrogate for this pregnancy. Her decision, instead, was due to health concerns. She experienced potentially life-threatening complications with her first two pregnancies.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian should anticipate the arrival of their new bundle of joy early next year.