As if the number ‘4’ didn’t already have enough meaning among the Knowles-Carter clan, we now have yet another reason it could be significant to them.

As most of us know, Beyonce’s birthday is September 4. JAY’s is December 4. The power couple got married on April 4. Their daughter Blue’s middle name (Ivy) is the phonetic pronouncement of the roman numeral for 4 (IV). Beyonce titled her fourth album 4. And JAY-Z’s most recent project is named 4:44, a nod to its title track, which he previously admitted to waking up at 4:44 in the morning to write.

Got all that?

Well, it turns out that the address to the rooftop club of the hotel in which JAY-Z and Solange (Bey’s sister) famously had their elevator fight is also, you guessed it, 444. Back in 2014, the brother- and sister-in-law traded verbal and physical blows at New York’s Standard Hotel which boasts the club Le Bain that bears the address: 444 West 13th Street.

A Twitter user made the discovery and needless to say,

Has Jay been trolling us this whole time?