Naturi Naughton is literally siting pretty in New York’s Langham Hotel next to her “Power” co-star Peter Sikora. She’s pregnant, has that extra glow, and her smile is wide.

She hasn’t been killed. On-screen, that is.

“I’m still here and alive. Thank you, Courtney Kemp,” she said about the show’s creator/executive-producer regarding her character Tasha St. Patrick’s existent status. Let’s face it, if something would happen to Tasha, we would riot. She’s such an integral part to the show.

And If you watch the show, you know that there is no in-between ground. You’re either Team Tasha or Team Angela. And as we are knee-deep in Season 4, oh, how the tides have turned.

The fans’ support has definitely shifted in favor of Naughton’s role of loyal (well, with the exception of the Season 2 affair with murdered chauffeur Shawn) wife who has stood by her husband’s side as he went up against the Feds, the police, drug lords, and left her for another woman (Angela).

“She’s not the same immature, kind of just thinking-in-the-moment type person,” Naughton said. “I think now she’s thinking ahead. She thinks about her future. She thinks more about what type of wife and mother she needs to be. Ride or die. It’s just… she’s mad at Ghost, but she don’t have a choice. She’s gotta protect her family. So I think that’s what it’s about.”

It was always like that though. Especially after Tasha told her beloved hubby Ghost (beloved by the fans; he’s been working working Tasha’s last nerve for about three years now) she thought he was going to be “the biggest gotdamn drug dealer in New York City” as he was trying to tell of her of his exit strategy out of the streets. Tasha couldn’t quite grasp her spouse’s desire to retire from hustling to run a nightclub.

“People were mad at me,” Naughton admitted of the early reaction to her character. However, for the most part, Tasha has been the epitome of “ride or die” since then, trying to hold her family together the best way she can. (Ok, she did plan to run off her lover and three kids, but that was in the midst of Ghost’s torrid affair with Angela). Season 4 has been extra challenging for the St. Patrick family with Ghost in jail for murder, prosecutors lobbying to get him to face the death sentence, the family’s legitimate assets frozen, the aforementioned nightclub closed down by the Feds, and her son drinking lean, setting up robberies, and running with killers (chief among them 50 Cent as Kanan).

“People didn’t get that Season 1,” Naturi said of her display of undying devotion. “I’m so glad that Tasha has gotten a chance to grow beyond Season 1. Season 1, she did appear to be just materialistic. A woman that is just after Ghost, the money, the penthouse, the jewels. I think now people see behind all that. That she generally loves her family. The evolution of Tasha from girl to woman.”

“Power” airs every Sunday at 9pm on STARZ.