Fear is a powerful thing.

In the HBO series “Defiant Ones,” which chronicles the lives of media mavens Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine, this idea of fear has been an arc in their respective lifeline. Considering the foundations laid forth by these two, whether it’s taking a shot in the dark to work with a Patti Smith and Snoop Doggy Dogg or launching Interscope Records and then venturing into Beats By Dre, taking the unexpected chance has always been a valuable asset. But with fear, a state of mind that can make or break an individual, understanding the pros and cons behind it is as essential as coming to a self-willed conclusion.

In his sit-down with REVOLT, Iovine broke down how he’s been able to master the concept and flip it into fuel for success.

“When I got in the studio with John Lennon for the first time, I was terrified,” Iovine confessed. “But then I said, I want the ball. It felt natural. Then I built that up and then I realized the more frightened I get, the more I moved forward. So I learned how to move it into fuel.”

The four-part “Defiant Ones” documentary is available now on on-demand via HBO GO and HBO NOW.