If you’re currently suffering from a bad case of the Mondays, Aurora Anthony’s latest EP Autumn will help make your problems look minuscule. This 23-year-old New York native provides a unique narrative on struggle. You may remember his impeccable ability to provide candid imagery of his life through lyricism from his last project Age of The Lone Wolf and, if not, you’re in for a treat today. After suffering the loss of two close friends, Aurora turned pain into peace, releasing his frustrations into music and bringing in the cool breeze of autumn–which, depending on your location, is as satisfying as the A/C in a heatwave. As he enters this new chapter, he speaks to his fans with a candor that you find between two life-long friends.

Released back in November, the project’s lead single (“Blue 100”) set the vibe for hustlers and go-getters alike. As the songs progress, tales of street dreams, run-ins with the law, and ambitious spirits waiting to escape spill onto each track. Tracks like “Favors” and “Bump” are descriptors to the driving motivation behind Aurora’s personal goals and the sounds of the youthful audience he relates to. At a glance, it is easy to dismiss his everyday perils as the typical story of struggling black youth. We argue that the more the story is told, it becomes harder to desensitize the youth culture that can relate. Aurora’s enchants his audience with messages that are bound by hope for the future and encouragement to get the most out of life.