French Montana is currently on his European tour in support of his Jungle Rules LP (due Friday July 14). He posted video of himself and family in his native homeland of Casablanca, Morocco a couple of days ago and he’ll be pretty much be between the states and Europe for most of the summer. While he’s abroad though, French can smile at the fact that a couple of his new records are starting to bubble.

“Bring Dem Things” featuring Pharrell has been released everywhere digitally, and “A Lie” with longtime friends Max B and The Weeknd is starting to get major airplay on New York radio station Hot 97.

“That was the one I was saving,” French told us about Max’s verse. “That’s a big one.”

Obviously, unheard rhymes by Max B are a rare commodity since the popular MC is currently incarcerated. And while French has put out a bevy of Max’s songs over the years, Montana keeps the most precious gems for exceptional occasions.

“I just save the best one for big projects like this. I wait for the right time. I don’t waste ’em,” he said.

French got Max’s verse from a mutual friend and played it for The Weeknd. The pair then started to construct “A Lie.”

“Abel heard it, went crazy. I did my verse, Abel did his verse, and it’s a masterpiece. That one is so special for the culture,” French detailed.

French and The Weeknd shot the video for “A Lie” in New York where, among other guests, was WWE superstar Enzo Amore. Obviously, French wishes Max was out to share moments like the video, but the always positive Wave King looks at the glass being half-full.

“On the bright side, [Max] was facing 75 years and he’s about to get out in a year or two,” French said.

Jungle Rules also includes guest spots from Travis Scott, Quavo, T.I., and late fan-favorite Chinx.