For plenty of artists, when you make a multi-platinum smash featuring Drake, Lil Wayne, and Rick Ross, there are great odds that the record is going to be the biggest smash of your career. French Montana just politely smiles at people who thought that was the case with him. But “Unforgettable,” French’s anthem with Rae Sremmurd’s Swae Lee, has indeed lapped Montana’s previous effort “Pop That.”

“It’s already 10 times bigger than ‘Pop That,’” French said recently while visiting the REVOLT TV offices in New York. “It’s bigger than ‘Pop That’ with streaming and everything. It shows growth.”

Exactly like “Pop That,” French came across “Unforgettable” by being put on to the song by a friend. (Previously, Chinx brought French the beat for “Pop That” with the chorus already on it.) It was fellow music star who brought French the beat produced by Jaegen, 1Mind, and CP Dubb.

“I did a lockdown before my album and Jeremih came in the studio,” French detailed. “He played me it. I don’t know what he had going with Swae Lee, but when he pulled it up, I put my verses on it. [Jeremih] wasn’t there, it was just Swae. Jeremih was supposed to his verse, but he never did it.”

French said he knew automatically how enormous “Unforgettable” was going to be, even calling it “the one.”

“Certain people when they die, all they got is their catalog,” French said. “‘Unforgettable’ is like my ‘Distant Lover.’ Like ‘Let’s Get It On’ by Marvin Gaye. One of those. I feel like ‘Unforgettable’ is the only rap song you might be able to play at weddings and things like that. It’s one of them songs that’s organic with the people. It makes you happy instantly. And the dance took it over the top.”

French’s next LP, Jungle Rules comes out tomorrow, July 14. Come back to for behind-the-scenes footage of his “A Lie” music video featuring The Weeknd.