The Fugees are cool, but not that cool yet. Pras, one-third of the legendary group, says the members correspond from time to time, but that no reunion is imminent at this time.

“I text with Lauryn back and forth,” Pras said recently while visiting REVOLT TV’s New York offices. “I congratulated her on her grandchild. We go back and forth. Me and ‘Clef go back and forth here and there. But everybody is doing their own thing. My thing is, ’cause people ask me, ‘Y’all getting back together?’ I think we just want to make sure if we come back for anything, especially to do music, it’s gotta be right. It can’t be about just because, or for, the money. Four months ago, we got offered $90 million to go on tour. It didn’t feel right.”

While such an exorbitant offer would be enough to reunite plenty of estranged acts, The Fugees didn’t budge at the dollar amount.

“It’s not about money for us,” Pras said. “One thing I will say that I respect about the other two, we know when it’s right. [$90 million], that’s aight money. I gotta feel right about the person I’m on stage with and vice versa. That’s how the people gonna feel the energy. I don’t ever want somebody to be like they just did that to get a check. We not doing that. If anything, we good. When it’s time to come back, if we come back, it’s gon’ be right, it’s gonna be pure, it’s gonna be truthful.”

All three Fugees member are indeed knee-deep in separate endeavors. Wyclef Jean just released his J’ouvert EP earlier this year, a new song called “Fela Kuti” within the last month, and announced that his album Carnival III: The Fall and Rose of a Refugee is due September 15. Lauryn Hill and Nas will be going on tour this fall starting September 7. And Pras is releasing an untitled compilation featuring the likes of Mary J. Blige and Ne-Yo, while donating the proceeds to Haiti relief efforts. Young M.A. appears on the compilation’s first single, “Pump Fakin.”