A$AP Mob co-founder A$AP Bari has been under fire this week, after video surfaced of him appearing to sexually assault a woman in a bedroom.

Bari has released a statement responding to the video and the allegations:

“A misleading video clip featuring adult content and activity has been released to the public without my knowledge or consent.

Comments about myself or anyone being detained or arrested are false. We have resolved this issue amicably among all parties as adults. We were friends before this and will remain friends afterwards.

Being raised by strong women who taught me to respect everyone, I’m disappointed in the situation as well as myself and will reflect on the situation appropriately.”

Bari’s statement follows the Wednesday night leak of the video, and from tweets from a person who claimed to be the woman in the video.

“I was forced into bed by Bari and his crew and Bari got upset because I refused to engage in any sexual acts,” the tweets read. “I am the girl in the video and Bari was apprehended today by UK police forces and is still being held.”