Popular media personality Taxstone was indicted on murder charges this morning (July 13) in a Manhattan courtroom. He is accused of killing Ronald McPhatter in the fatal, extensively-reported Irving Plaza melee last spring.

Just last month, Taxstone, born Darryl Campbell, pleaded guilty to a pair of federal gun charges from the incident. He is still awaiting sentencing and faces up to 20 years behind bars.

Real Talk | Taxstone’s defense lawyer discusses the podcast host’s arraignment

In January, at Campbell’s arraignment, U.S. Attorney Hagen Scotten told the judge and everyone in the courtroom that it was Taxstone who “shot the fatal shot” that killed Troy Ave’s close friend Ronald “Banga” McPhatter last spring at Irving Plaza in New York during a T.I. concert. Still, the judge granted Taxstone bail. The next morning, the judge’s decision was reversed after at least one eye witness emerged in the case. Apparently the witness account was enough for the courts to put Taxstone on trial for murder.

There is no official word yet on when Taxstone’s next court date is.

Taxstone rose to a measure of fame based off his popular podcast “Tax Season.” During an episode last year, he said some disparaging words against Troy Ave. Prosecutor Scotten even quoted some of Taxstone’s words during his arguments at the weapons arraignment.

“When I see you walking up with six dudes, bang-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba…,” Scotten quoted Taxstone as threatening.

Prosecutors will argue that Taxstone killed McPhatter during a fatal confrontation with McPhatter and Troy Ave on May 25, 2016. Troy Ave was also indicted last year on attempted murder and four weapon charges stemming from the incident. Troy Ave has argued self-defense. Taxstone’s murder case is being prosecuted by the state and the same office handling in Troy Ave’s weapon case.