Fresh off the too-good-to-be-true news that Outkast and A Tribe Called Quest once nearly made an album together, one of the latter’s members is now joining forces with another unexpected act.

2 Chainz recently revealed to Hot 97 that he and Q-Tip shared a studio session after the lyricist went to the legend in hopes of enlisting him for his next album.

He said (35:12 mark):

“I went over to Q-Tip and let him hear the Statik records ’cause I want him to be more of like a curator of my next project. I just respect what he has done. I told him, imagine a trappin’ ass ‘Midnight Marauders.’”

2 Chainz also revealed their differences in recording styles, saying:

“I’m able to appreciate a proper dig in the crate and I’m also able to appreciate a dope-ass 808, so I’m anybody. I’m really like a producer’s dream to work with and I’m with the having fun. [Q-Tip] was over there chopping and I’m like, ‘Bruh, listen, load up a beat, bruh! It’s taking too long. It gon’ take you longer to do whatever you doin’ than it gon’ take me to do it.’ He was like, ‘I’m used to working with people that have…’—and I understand that. But it don’t take all day to do nothing over here, jack. He went upstairs, came back, [and I told him] ‘I want you to hear this before I leave.’ He was like, ‘Bruh, these are REAL bars.’ I was like, ‘Yeah, I know!’”

Additionally, Chainz detailed the upcoming project and revealed (at 34:22) that he began working on it before the applauded Pretty Girls Like Trap Music:

“The next project is gonna be solid, as well. It’s gonna be conceptual, it’s gonna be well thought-of, it’s gonna have interactive marketing ideas. I actually started on the album that I was working on last night with him, I started on that before ‘Pretty Girls Like Trap Music.’”

Can’t wait to hear what the duo comes up with.