After making history at the Grammys earlier this year with his Best Rap Album win, Chance the Rapper has now been nominated for an Emmy.

Chano’s contribution to the song “Last Christmas,” found in last year’s hilarious SNL skit ‘Jingle Barack’, has been recognized for Outstanding Original Music and Lyrics.

As a RUN D.M.C-inspired ode to our last Christmas with President Obama in office, his lyrics included:

“Been drinking eggnog like I don’t care / I’m-a hurt myself before we lose ObamaCare / Say goodbye to Barack, say goodbye December / For a new holiday called Regular Winter / Even Kanye is endorsing him / Got Obama back smoking Newports again / Left the cookies, last will and testament / For the first maybe last black president.”

The song was co-written by Chance, cast member Kenan Thompson, and Will Stephen.

Additionally, Donald Glover has been nominated for his first Emmys ever: Lead Actor in a Comedy Series; Writing for a Comedy Series; and Directing for a Comedy Series, all for Atlanta.