Just five days after dropping his surprise EP Meekend Music II, Meek Mill has shared the release date and album cover for his upcoming official album, Wins and Losses—a title revealed by Rick Ross back in May—due July 21.

In a black-and-white trailer posted to his social media accounts, the lyricist can be heard lamenting about fame over images of an extravagant home and luxury cars.

Before spitting, Meek speaks an intro:

“Ever since I got money, I ain’t been happy like I used to / They say you gotta pay the cost to be the boss / Check this, when you the nigga with the money, somebody go to jail, you gotta pay they bail / Somebody die, they gonna turn to you for the funeral / I just be thinking like, ‘When I’m gonna be able to turn to somebody?’ Shit / Bosses got feelings, too / I done did things for niggas a thousand times, told them ‘no’ one time and watched them talk about me crazy /… / but I still stood tall.”

He then delivers the lyrics:

“When you sitting at the top and you think you seen it all / Caught up with your dreams with nobody else to call / With tears up on my face ’cause I know I’m gon’ be straight / Had to cut a couple homies, had to learn from my mistakes / This the price of being great.”

They’re lyrics he’s been teasing on Instagram since November 2016.

And again, earlier this year.

The rapper also revealed the album’s artwork, a collage of images from his everyday life.

Meek also promised and teased a film of the same name that will accompany the album. In the movie’s trailer, a montage of scenes includes a drive-by shooting, a dice game, shoeboxes full of cash, a police chase, a table full of drugs, KKK hoods, a birth, and a pastor’s sermon.