KOOL A.D. is not about to box himself in. His new project, according to the link below, is a “serialized sequel to his debut novel O.K. [in which] musician, author, and artist KOOL A.D. explores an alternate, colorful universe through the eyes of protagonist Fausto Fausto — a journey that includes gambling, falling in love with a butterfly, and an increasingly disjointed and illusory involvement with a mysterious, syncretic religious organization known as Yoga Azteca, or Aztec Yoga. This 100-part novella includes original music and artwork by KOOL A.D.”

As music becomes arguably more personal and nuanced the further we dive into the digital age, KOOL A.D. embodies the versatility and personality of the arts, and how they can interweave with one another. His artistic output is gigantic (music, prose, painting, video, horoscope interpreting, and much more). His lens is ever-expanding and his woozy raps and low-budget yet highly stylized videos are all individual pieces that comprise the whole picture of a modern artist. His newest project sees him dropping (another!) 100-song album with a 100-chapter novel called Aztec Yoga. If you are unfamiliar, I implore you to dip your toes, see if Kool can show you the way.

Beginning July 5, he’ll be releasing one song and one chapter per day for the next 100 days. Watch the videos for “Cantos” (Part 2) and “Cadillac Moon” (Part 3) below while reading along here.