The Drop is our featured playlist on Soundcloud and Spotify that was created to keep you in the know with music from dope, rising artists.

1) “Flowers” by HARE SQUEAD

This Ireland hip-hop trio is gearing up to release a new mini-collection on July 28th titled Season 2. To give listeners an idea of what’s in store, HARE SQUEAD shares their second single “Flowers.” This simple yet unique track features the three offering catchy verses over a cheerful piano melody. If you happen to be in London later this month, catch their debut headline show on July 26th!


Just days after the release of “Around The World,” DUCKWRTH offers his latest song “BOY” (the title also happens to share the same name as his newly announced clothing line). Within the track, DUCKWRTH addresses blurring traditional gender roles: “Cos they never seen a boy, plant flowers on a hill, but you would never judge, and therefore you are real.” Upon announcing the track on his Instagram account, DUCKWRTH also left this message to his fans: “THIS SONG IS FOR the rebels, the tomboys, the emotional dudes, the skater girls, the ones who say FUCK Social Constructs. This is for you.”

3) “Keep Up” by UNO Stereo ft. Mari & Majerie

Producer UNO Stereo teams up with Chicago’s Mari and Majerle to bring a vocoder-heavy, nostalgic banger. Get your dance shoes ready, because futuristic jazz-hop vibes are all over this one.

4) “Pronto” by July 7

“Hit me like pronto…girl where you at?”19-year-old Manchester producer and singer July 7 returns with some summer heat in his latest release “Pronto,” a song about a special señorita that’s got his attention.

5) “Lambo” by Cousin Stizz

As Cousin Stizz fans await the release of his upcoming One Night Only mixtape (which is set to drop on July 12th), the Boston rapper shares the bass booming turn up about just wanting to race a “Lambo”: “Bro had his own in the pen, way before I had a fan though, I’m drinking straight out the handle, Remy Ma made me go Rambo, heard you spitting change the channel, I put 10k on the mantle, why these boys sound like my samples? Stealing my swag by the handful.”

6) “Ridin’” by Manu Crooks

It’s not everyday you learn of Australian rappers. Sydney’s Manu Crooks (born in Ghana) shares “Ridin,’” the first single from his upcoming EP mood forever. You may have heard his breakout singles, “Everyday” and “Assumptions,” and his latest offering is another hard-hitting, catchy vibe that continues to make noise internationally.

7) “All U Need” by Garren Sean

You may have caught Garren Sean’s single “Lift Off” in our June playlist for The Drop. As we await the release of his upcoming project GARREN, LP , the Bay area musician shares his third single titled “All U Need.” If you like what you hear, make sure to mark your calendars for the big release date – July 28.

8) “Tom Sawyer” by tru.

West coast emcee and producer tru. is grabbing attention with his latest offering SYNCH.3 pt. 1. The noteworthy track “Tom Sawyer” features an upbeat, futuristic vibe that transitions into a slower tempo by mid-song, allowing listeners to get a glimpse at his musical dexterity.

9) “Bad Habits” by a l l i e

Toronto-born songstress a l l i e shares “Bad Habits,” the first single from her independent debut LP Nightshade. The R&B and soul singer/songwriter offers enchanting and experimental sounds that only leave you wanting more. If you’re looking for something authentic, a l l i e is the artist to turn to. Like what you hear? Look out for her upcoming project dropping on July 21st, 2017.

10) “Morose” by Linzi Jai

Florida based newcomer Linzi Jai shares his dreamy RnB debut single “Morose.” Speaking on the soulful track, Linzi explains: “I wanted to create a record that was simple but yet unique, I felt that the traditional R&B route wasn’t my lane. Being a producer allowed me to add different elements to the record that I enjoy musically.”

11) “Fly Away” by Dante Leon

Toronto artist Dante Leon returns with two new singles as he prepares his debut EP, which is set to be released in 2017. “Fly Away” is the more mellow track of the two, and features Leon singing to a girl about his wishes to just get away: “Fly away, fly away with me girl, we got some things to see girl.”

12) “Hasta Luego” by J.I.D

Dreamville artist J.I.D shares his first track since the release of his critically acclaimed album The Never Story. In an IG post to his fans, J.I.D explains that “Hasta Luego” was almost included on his last project: “A record that was almost on The Never Story for all the fans, friends, and family that’s been down or just got down or whatever the fuck, we dropping something for you guys.” We’re hoping this means more J.I.D tracks are on the way very soon.

13) “Outkast” by King & Blast

South Los Angeles based rappers King & Blast offer clever flows and infectious melodies in their latest release that pays homage to the infamous hip-hop duo Outkast. If you like what you hear, stay tuned for their upcoming album entitled, The Gift and the Curse set to release late Spring 2017.

14) “Eyelids” by Saro

LA artist Saro shares his second single from his forthcoming sophomore EP (you can listen to the first single “Sky Doesn’t Blue” here). “Eyelids” is a dark pop banger suitable for the dance floor despite the somber subject matter. If you like what you hear, make sure to check out his next EP which is set to release this summer.

15) “Customz” by Little Simz ft. Bibi Bourelly

Little Simz returns with a “raw and unmastered” song with a little help from BiBi Bourelly titled “Customz.” The track highlights the ups and downs of traveling as an artist, including the perks of new passport stamps, flowing drinks and more: “Sunset touch down in Dubai, where the ganja’s hella dank and the air is hella dry, remy blowing my shit flowing, thought I told ya million dollar pen don’t make me show ya.”

16) “Level Up” by ShaqIsDope

Last month Toronto native ShaqIsDope shared his first official single “Power” off his upcoming self-titled project. Today he returns with “Level Up,” a hard-hitting, bass heavy track produced by CMPLX that showcases his lyrical dexterity.

17) “Do You Think About Me” by NVDES

In their latest offering, Los Angeles-based project NVDES share a double track EP containing two different versions of the same song. “Do You Think About Me” is the better version of the two, and sounds like a dreamy atmosphere made of a delicate rhythm laced with soft electronic guitar riffs.

18) “More Like It” by Qu’ality ft. Smoke DZA

Qu’Burr Gooding member Qu’ality is joined by Smoke DZA is his latest video game inspired offering “More Like It.” The Smoker’s Club-issued track comes from Qu’ality’s project 22, which is out now.

19) “Lessons” by NAOMI WILD

NAOMI WILD shares her debut single “Lessons,” offering a smooth blend of pop, R&B and hip-hop. Giving more details on the track, NAOMI says: “A few of my exes have tried to make me feel like I’m crazy – and that used to really poke at my self-esteem until I realized that I am absolutely insane. I wouldn’t be the creative mess that I am, nor would I ever learn to love myself properly if I didn’t accept that and own it. And if someone is truly down to ride for me they’ll love that about me.”

20) “Sweetest Life” by KWAYE

4 months ago, Zimbabwe-born musician KWAYE impressed us with his single “Cool Kids.” His latest offering “Sweetest Life” is the final track released from his debut EP Solar. The disco-tinged, dance worthy piece portrays the excitement that comes from good vibrations and love. Giving more details on the track, KWAYE explains: “In July 2015 I was nearing the end of my first year in Los Angeles, and of a journey that had left me feeling entirely elevated. I thought about how beautiful it would be to share the entirety of this feeling with someone else, and with that, the lyrics to Sweetest Life came to be. Two years later, I finally get the chance to share that feeling with you all, and I couldn’t be more excited.”