Prodigy funeral attended by 50 Cent, Louis Farrakhan, Remy Ma, hordes of fans

  /  06.29.2017

It looked like a line to get into a concert or a high-profile album signing. Hundreds of fans came to Frank E Campbell Funeral Chapel in Manhattan today (June 29) to pay homage to one of greatest rhymes architects hip-hop has ever seen, Prodigy from Mobb Deep.

P’s family had a public memorial this afternoon. Fans were let in 30 at at time. Attendees who walked down an aisle were greeted by three pictures of Prodigy from various stages in his life, and one of Mobb Deep when he and groupmate Havoc were kids. There was also a shrine for Prodigy, and a collage of photos of the Queens legend that his family put together under the title of “Best Dad Ever.”

Next to the shrine, Prodigy’s trilogy of H.N.I.C. trilogy of albums was enshrined in a glass case, displaying the album booklets and CDs for each. Elsewhere there was various Prodigy apparel, including a promotional “Free P” t-shirt from his time in jail, album plaques, and artwork of the lyrical great.

Outside cars rolled by, as drivers played various Mobb Deep and Prodigy solo records. One vehicle stopped and a couple of dozens of P’s friends and family from Queens, including Godfather and Ty Nitti, rapped along as “Keep It Thoro” screamed out of the speakers.

“Temperamental, I snap quick, very touchy,” everyone started rapping. “Ayo my attitude is all fucked up and real shitty./I rap like no one out there can fuck wit me./You feel different, niggas see me./I throw a TV at you./crazy, bitches say ‘P you crazy.’/A Pain in Da Ass./ nah but Fuck you, Pay me./I’m no shorty, nigga I stop your glory./I’m a thorough street nigga for real, you just applaud me./Avoid P, man take your baby mom’s advice./I’m nothing sweet, ill with the guns, you pay the price./”

Earlier in the morning, Prodigy’s family gave him a going home service. Remy Ma and Papoose, Alchemist, LL Cool J, Ice T, Raekwon and 50 Cent were among those in attendance. 50 gave a powerful, emotional filled speech, holding back tears as he talked his love for Mobb Deep as musicians and as friends.

“I never spoke at a wake or funeral before but I felt like I had to say something at P’s. Rest In Peace prodigy🙏🏿 God Bless,” 50 wrote this afternoon on Instagram underneath a photo of him and Minister Louis Farrakhan. The Minister also gave an uplifting sermon.

Prodigy was just 42 years old when he passed away last week in a Las Vegas hospital. He had been hospitalized after going into a sickle cell anemia crisis. The actual cause of his death has yet to be determined.


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