Shawn Smith, formerly known as Young Savage, is an emerging artist from Philadelphia and over the past few years, he has built a solid reputation in the Tri-State area. Staying very active with his internet presence, he’s gained over three million total YouTube views, with one of them having hit over one million for a 20-minute straight freestyle on DJ Cosmic Kev’s radio show. Just recently, he was featured on Sway In The Morning and blew Sway and his co-hosts Heather B and Tracy G away, earning respect and praise from them instantly by stating that he was “ahead of his time.”

On April 16, he released his project Sink or Swim: A Shawn Smith Story which has been acclaimed as “hope” for the future of rap. Following the release of the SOS project, the response has been nothing short of amazement. It has even gained praises from Joe Budden on his Joe Budden Podcast (Episode 116) where they reviewed Smith’s song “Heaven” and couldn’t even finish the track after hearing how clever the wordplay was.

Get to know Shawn in his own words:

My sound in five words or less: Inspiring. Purposeful. Relatable. Innovative. Sheesh.

Best part of making this video: The best part of making this video is that I directed it myself. Shoutout to Chop Mosley for helping me bring the vision to life. It was so fulfilling to see this vision I’ve had in my mind come to fruition, exactly how-or even better-than I’ve expected it to be.

What inspires your art: God and his children inspire my art. Whenever creating something to give to the world, I think of God and his children, which is all of us. I think of how I could be used to relay a message to people in a way that would be understanding to them. I think of how I could inspire the next person to open their mind and soul up just enough to let God in. I think of how to be as amazing and as jaw-dropping as I can to show off how glorious His gift of talent can be. I think about what people will ultimately gain from my presence in this position; whether it’s witnessing blessings or faults. I think of how to be a voice for the voiceless.

Explain the concept of the song in one sentence: The concept of the song “Shootout” is to shed light on how gun violence not only effects ones who are targeted, but also victimizes the youth and our way of thinking.

IG, Twitter, or Snapchat? Instagram & Twitter: @ShawnSmithStory

What goes down in my DMs: My DMs are full of respect and praise from people who almost gave up on rap.


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