“Smoking on a yacht / Call me Ricky Steamboat.” Lines like that made sure 2 went to No. 1.

2 Chainz is basking in the spoils of great music and marketing as he down-bottom superstar’s Pretty Girls Like Trap Music is the top rap album in the country. While Chainz has been receiving public praise from celebrities such as Kendrick Lamar and Denver Bronco Pro Bowl and Super Bowl champ Von Miller, it’s the fan interaction that has pushed the LP over the top.

The real-life trap house in Atlanta that resembles the artwork cover has exploded on social media with fans coming by to take pics and post on social media at the location. Chainz has even posted a multitude of supporters on his Instagram page.

“With social media, you can look at Snapchat and see, ‘Wow, I didn’t know this person had this kind of love for this kind of music,” Chainz said Monday on the red carpet of the 2017 NBA Awards.

“I started peeping it and realizing I need to be happy about what I do,” he said. “My background and stuff I been through. My background and trials and tribulations, it makes people want to be a part of it. Trap music is essentially mainstream, it’s essentially pop.”

As far as the artwork and the real-life trap house, Chainz said he knew the color would resonate with everyone, especially women.

“When designing the cover to Pretty Girls like Trap Music, I wanted it to be a cover that actually spoke without having words,” Chainz explained. “My concept was shooting an abandoned house or a trap house and I wanted it to be beautiful. The only thing that really defined beauty in a nutshell was the color pink. I feel like a lot of people, as far as women, can relate to the color pink. Whether it be good or bad. Whether it be makeup or maybe even something as sad as breast cancer. Or whatever it is. Kids, pink room. Pink, they embody that whole thing. I just try to combine pink with something we felt was gutter. Out the mud. Then you see all the ideas develop behind the pink trap house.”