Sonny Digital may be the man behind hits like YC’s “Racks,” Future’s “Same Damn Time,” 2 Chainz’s “Birthday Song,” and iLoveMakonnen’s “Tuesday,” but he wants more than just the claims to fame; he wants the respect and recognition. And he’s fighting for his fellow producers to receive the same.

The producer took to Instagram on Monday (June 26) to share his thoughts on the lack of acknowledgement producers receive compared to artists. He said:

“I got a real, legit question: Why don’t producers get nominated for shit and we do all the f—king basework and shit, though? Don’t get no awards. Don’t get no recognition. All the artists just sweep up our everything, you dig what I’m saying? This shit crazy as hell.”

Digital also revealed that the absence of appreciation is what has led to his transition into a rapper, saying:

“Real shit, that’s why I’m not on my producer shit like that no more because even when I was tryna be a producer, they wasn’t tryna give me the credit. I was putting up the points; they wasn’t giving me the credit for the shit. Now, with me rapping, I got my own voice and shit, I can say what I want, over my beats…the same beats they catchin’ hits off of.”

He continued, asking that the powers-that-be—whether they be fans, industry execs, award show organizers—respect producers of all ranks, noting that many hits would not be considered such without the created beats.

“All I’m saying, ya’ll need to start respecting the producers a little more, big or small, in-between. It don’t matter. They all making all the sounds to this shit though. You take the beats off them vocals, then ya’ll know them shits’ gonna sound like shit.”

Finally, he concluded that, if for no other reason, recognition is needed to keep aspiring producers inspired, saying:

“Just speaking them facts, man. Just sayin’, ya’ll missing a whole audience when ya’ll don’t include them producers, man. Ya’ll gotta start showing some respect to them kids. These niggas out here making these fire-ass beats and shit, though. If ya’ll don’t show respect or show them love, they ain’t gon’ keep on doing this shit. You gotta put the inspiration there for them.”

His video caption also revealed his plans to begin a union for producers, songwriters, engineers, and other behind-the-scenes entities.

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