Best Group: Migos

“This the culture, this the new wave, we livin’ it.”

Centric Award, “Cranes in the Sky”: Solange

“I just want to thank BET for my teenage years, giving me images of queens like Missy Elliott and Lil Kim and Aaliyah and Erykah Badu and Kelis…”

Best New Artist: Chance the Rapper

“Thank you, Jesus!”

Best Male R&B/Pop Artist: Bruno Mars

“The first award I ever won was a Soul Train Award here on this network.”

Young Stars Award: Yara Shahidi

“Today is Tamir Rice’s birthday so, amidst the celebration, I’d like to honor his life.”

Humanitarian Award: Chance the Rapper

“Being 24 and getting something like this, it doesn’t feel deserved yet but, like I said, God is putting the pressure on me so I can become who I’m supposed to be. I’m a good man and I’ma become a better man.”

Best Male Hip-Hop Artist: Kendrick Lamar

“[Prodigy] inspired my first mixtape, ‘Y.H.N.I.C.’”

Viewers Choice: Beyonce, “Sorry”

“Thanks to all the fans, my BeyHive, for riding with me.”

Best Female Hip-Hop Artist: Remy Ma

“Ya’ll bitches got fat while we starved / Shots in ya ass, pads in your bras / Ya’ll some liars…”