Earlier this year, Chance the Rapper set his crosshairs on a few major record labels during his Be Encouraged tour.

While performing “No Problems”—the hit song that famously details his refusal to sign to a major label—the rapper displayed some of their logos, but with slight variations in the form of subtle jabs: Def Jam became “Don’t Join,” Virgin became “Villain,” Sony became “Phony,” and more. See below.

But it seems Chano has had a change of heart. He took to Twitter today (June 22) to publicly apologize to Dr. Dre and his Aftermath label, an imprint under Universal Music Group, which he satirized as “Can’t Do Math.”

Chance explained that his jab belittled their efforts to “make a difference in music.” He then properly recognized the entrepreneur and super-producer for working to “progress the culture.” Read his tweets below.