Kali Uchis, “Tyrant” feat. Jorja Smith

The pin-up princess turns her retro aesthetic all way up for this clip. She dances in a shoulder-padded powersuit, lounges in vintage cars, recalls Brigitte Bardot, and lays like a glamour model with her guest Jorja Smith.

JAHKOY, “F N Sexy” / “Don’t Stop the Vibe”

As a two-for-one special, the first clip sees the singer and his love interest sharing intimate moments under the glow of a red light, while the other sees him take the lead at a dimly-lit dance party.

JAHKOY, “Don’t Beg” / “1,000 Times”

Another combined clip, JAHKOY reminisces while walking city streets in the first half before taking a taxi to see the eye of his affection in the second.

Nick Grant, “Boucin’”

A smoky car, expressionless assistants, unidentifiable liquids, masked bodies, fire-breathers, skulls, and more make for one hell of an ominous clip.