Montreal’s indie-upstarts-turned-arena-legends Arcade Fire, the Grammy-nabbing titans of the alternative world, have fired a shot into their next album cycle with “Creature Comfort,” a single co-produced by Geoff Barrow of the iconic ’90s trip-hop troupe (and Weeknd-“influencers”) Portishead. The track comes from Everything Now, the band’s followup to 2013’s anxious-dance set Reflektor; it will be their first for Columbia Records.

“Creature Comfort” features Barrow’s deeply syncopated synth, tipping the band toward his Portishead past but also helping them co-opt the buoyant new wave the Killers or even LCD Soundsystem, a band Arcade Fire have joined onstage often and whose DNA they’ve seemed to want for themselves since Reflektor. The track’s video is a strobe-lit affair, and there’s a very special album-reference therein — look out for the bathtub. It’s a song about society’s incessant need of being famous, couched in a sardonic fear that if that ain’t 15 minutes ain’t coming, “please make it painless.”

Everything Now is out July 28th on Columbia, featuring co-production by Daft Punk’s Thomas Bangalter, Steve Mackey of Pulp, and Marcus Dravs. Its title track has a video, too, and that’s below. And yes, it sounds like a windswept indie update of Abba’s “Dancing Queen.” And that’s not a bad thing!