A match between boxing great Floyd Mayweather and MMA great Conor McGregor originally just seemed like simply a barbershop debate that would never actually happen. But åfter months of speculation, the two have actually worked out a deal and set a date.

On Saturday, Aug. 26, Mayweather and McGregor will face off in the ring in Las Vegas, Nevada for a Showtime Pay Per View event.

Many fans of the sweet science are upset about the match: one of the best boxers of all time is competing against an opponent who, despite being a phenomenal fighter in a different medium, has never competitively boxed before. But many will still shell out their cash for a chance to see Mayweather get knocked out or reach his revered record of 50-0, and the curiosity of whether McGregor’s skills will translate from the octagon to the ring will bring in even more fans.

McGregor is a trash talker, and he’s already taken a shot at Mayweather on social media – and we’re sure to hear from the champ soon enough. Who are you picking in the match-up?