Buddy, “World of Wonders” feat. Kaytranada

A feel-good track pulled from their joint EP, the duo is seen hanging with friends, dancing in the street, getting haircuts, eating snacks, being scolded by authorities, riding with the top-down, flirting, and chilling with a pet chameleon. A day in the life.

Wale, “Colombia Heights (Te Llamo)” feat. J Balvin

In the kaleidoscopic clip, Wale surrounds himself with women, both painted in gold and shrouded in sheets, before J Balvin joins him.

Jaden Smith, “Batman”

A follow-up to his “Fallen” visual, Smith first plays Bruce Wayne who fields calls from reporters inquiring about his Batman identity before viewers see him training, whipping a luxury car and, well, donning his all-white superhero suit. Filmed on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame, he wrestles with other legends before taking to a mountaintop to overlook the city.

Selena Gomez, “Bad Liar”

Set in the 70s, Gomez makes our head spin by playing a curious high school student, her own flirty father (who works at the same school), a PE teacher (who they both appear to be lusting after), and her own suspicious mother.