It was just last week when footage hit online of XXXTentacion getting clocked-out center stage by an unidentified individual at a show in San Diego that left a brawl and stabbing in its aftermath. At the time, it was reported that someone was from Rob $tone’s crew was stabbed and XXX himself even insinuated it. However, $tone debunks those rumors and assured fans that he neither himself nor anyone from his camp were hurt.

XXXTentacion gets assaulted at show, issues statement

“I’m alive and well, okay. I didn’t get stabbed,” the San Diego-based rapper confirmed in a recorded video to fans, before adding, “All my homies is alive and well.” He mentioned not knowing the victim of the said stabbing incident, but mentioned feeling “bad for the person that did get stabbed.” From there, he went on to say that the feud between he and XXX “has been crazy” and noted that it’s “only going to get worse.” The latter message, according to $tone, is aimed at no one in particular.

“You cannot sit and talk shit about people or talk shit to people. Y’all can’t do it,” he said. “I’m talking to everybody in the world right now, I’m not talking to a specific person. You cannot sit and talk shit to motherf—kers and go to their city and not expect somebody in the city to not feel a certain way about that.”

This latest update comes after the “Chill Bill” rapper recently sent out a diss track aimed at XXXTentacion and Ski Mask the Slump God, titled “Xxxtracredit.” XXX meanwhile just covered XXL‘s Freshman Class issue. Check out footage from the cover shoot here.