The trap lifestyle has been perpetuated throughout music and culture for more than a decade. As interest in trap have increased the glamorization of the rather gritty life strays further away from it’s reality. Infamous party host ChriStylezz from NYC is bringing the truth about trap to the forefront through his podcast Trappin’ Anonymous. The podcast spans the multilayered landscape of the trap world from scammers to plastic surgeons and then some. The anonymity of his guests provide an uncensored dialogue that brings the pros and cons of the trap to life for the listener.

It’s important to have these discussions as it disillusions the youth from the fantasy that is reinforced through media and entertainment today. In our Q&A ChriStylezz humbly expresses that his genuine curiosity lead to the development of his podcast. He understands the alluring nature of the lifestyle and sought to open the dialogue with his peers. Needless-to-say the feedback has been outstanding and he is presently looking towards hosting his first live taping on June 20th, at SOBs. Get the full scoop on the trap journalist as we dig deeper into the development of “Trappin’ Anonymous.”

How did you develop the concept for Trappin’ Anonymous?

Chris: It was actually during a trip to Columbia when I was getting a massage that Trappin Anonymous came to me. You know I have learned that your mind can never be clear to think until you’re doing absolutely nothing. And there I was, in another country, with no phone, no obligations and no distractions between me and the thoughts manifesting in my mind. It literally came to me piece by piece as I laid there. An epiphany is an amazing moment I truly hope everyone gets the chance to experience. Combined with my deep interest in the underworld Trappin Anonymous was given direction. Shows like “American Greed”, “Cocaine Cowboys” & just life experiences growing up in Brooklyn New York has kept me fixated and enticed by the world of crime. I’m an event host, in no way shape or form did I ever think that I’d jump in the podcast scene & be successful at that. After I got home I went straight to Guitar Center and asked “What do I need to start a podcast?” I remember the bill being about 500 bucks but I purchased everything and shot episode one that same night. Originally Trappin Anonymous was only supposed to be 4 episodes because I honestly thought it would fail and in that case I would just pretend it never existed. Not even a year later I’m about 13 episodes in with 150,000 plays worldwide so I kind of can’t stop now.

Why do you think it is important to tell these stories?

Chris: Trappin Anonymous started off as just a podcast where a scammer’s voice would be distorted on a platform to tell their story and then it sort of transcended into voices not confined to just one profile. Every single person has a unique story that can impact, educate and just entertain others and I have the important job of taking the story of one and placing it on the ears of thousands. Trappin Anonymous has covered a series of topics from prostitution to HIV; to cheaters and drug dealers; to strippers, people with plastic surgery and even a dominatrix. So many different ranges of taboo topics that everyone wants to know about, but they are never in an environment comfortable enough to be able to ask any questions. I really think it went from entertainment to then demanding that the audience be educated as well.

Since you began your podcast what is the wildest story you’ve heard?

Chris: Wow, the craziest story I ever heard from my podcast would actually probably come from an episode you’ll never hear. About a woman who was raped by a family friend since the age of 9. I have so many episodes that don’t actually make the cut for whatever reason but I think it’s important to focus on the quality rather than the quantity.

Do you think your interviews encourage or deter your listeners to “trap?”

Chris: That’s the interesting thing to me about all of this. I get emails on emails about people who are so grateful for the podcast. Some emails have literally read “you saved me from doing credit card scams” which actually makes my work all the more fulfilling. However, I wouldn’t even say that I do Trappin’ Anonymous to necessarily deter people from the underworld. People are going to do what they want to do regardless of how many examples are presented to them about what can go wrong in these situations. However, in some cases I just help people know how to do whatever it is they want; including the do’s and don’ts for how to be safe. But on a final note, I really want to show my appreciation for the time you put into this interview to help push my voice in order to educate and help a larger demographic. This is awesome & always remember it’s only entertainment please don’t get me indicted; let’s get it!!!

Does the anonymity of your subjects make the content more enticing to your listeners?

Chris: You know sometimes I feel like if people knew exactly who the person was they wouldn’t care as much. It’s something about the unknown that keeps people so interested. It also makes my guest open up a lot more for the simple fact that nobody will know it’s them, which eliminates any fear of judgement for being honest.

You cover a vast array of subjects that pertain to the culture directly is this intentional and what is objective?

Chris: It’s absolutely intentional! I like to always say Trappin’ Anonymous isn’t mine it’s ours. This is the culture and these are the things we want to hear and know about. Instead of being forced to watch whatever comes on TV or Netflix… you can actually say what you want the next topic to be and I’ll go out and find it. It’s not what’s in some book or based on the words of someone in some office that defines what we want, it’s actually our voice making the decisions. That’s the greatest part about Trappin’ Anonymous, not to sound too corny but its FOR US BY US.

What is the end goal for the podcast?

Chris: The end goal for Trappin’ Anonymous is definitely a series!! Could you imagine watching Trappin’ Anonymous bring this firsthand accounts to life and you no longer have to visualize my guest stories but see them unfold. Or even a novel where all the stories can be shared with in depth detail. I want to just be able to find different ways to recreate people’s stories to change the lives of others.

The podcast is based around anonymity how do you plan to protect your guest identity during your live taping on the 20th?

Chris: If I told you exactly how I would do Trappin Anonymous live then nobody would come. The way I like to keep anonymity is the same way I create and keep a level of mystery to what I do. I think we’ve lost that as a society when everything is plastered on social media. SOBS June 20th Trappin Anonymous Live, you really have to be there to experience this. What I can say is that it will be unlike any event you’ve ever been to and the way I plan to pull it off will be epic!!