It’s been a year since Vic Mensa dropped his debut EP There’s Alot Going On and since then, well, a lot has happened. Aside from appearing on Kanye West’s The Life of Pablo, nabbing his own Marvel comic book cover, getting arrested, and shading Lil Yachty, he’s more importantly become a proudly vocal activist after collaborating on a pro-LGBTQ song; slamming Justin Timberlake for “benefitting from black culture; cancelling a scheduled show at a venue that shared anti-Black Lives Matter opinions; championing sobriety; taking part in the ‘Why I Vote’ campaign; protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline; and denouncing misconceptions of his hometown of Chicago.

Now it seems the rapper is getting back to the music. He took to Twitter yesterday to share a video teasing a project titled The Manuscript, due tomorrow, June 8. In the clip, Mensa can be seen standing on stage under a spotlight, destroying a small set designed to look like a home’s interior, and sitting at a typewriter.

Over piano chords, a voice sings, “Deep down, everyone’s a rockstar / Right now, I’m the only one to take it this far / Take it this far / Up high, the glass elevator / Look down on my city, see you later / I, I always take it too far,” before Mensa spits, “This for all my fans that say they want that old Vic / I’ve grown too much to ever be the old Vic.”

Teasing that the project is just “1 of 2,” fans can likely expect something else coming soon.

Watch Vic Mensa perform “16 Shots” at #JusticeForFlint.