Hot 97’s annual mega music fest Summer Jam is this Sunday (June 11) in New York and one of the most anticipated sets is the tribute to Notorious B.I.G. by Faith Evans and friends. Undoubtedly, we’ll see a parade of guest performers hit the stage and salute Biggie, but will see The King of New York himself?

Tupac, Eazy-E, and the Ol Dirty Bastard have all had hologram of themselves perform at high profile concerts; will Sunday finally be the time for Big?

“I’m scared of those,” Big’s confidant and onstage right-hand man Lil Cease told REVOLT TV recently about his feelings on holograms. “I don’t know how I would react if I had to perform with a hologram moving around like him. Everybody else think it’s exciting. I would love for the people to see it, but I’m nervous to see it.”

Cease will be performing at Summer Jam, as will DJ Mister Cee who helped Evans put her show together as he’ll be on the 1s and 2s supporting the singer. But his take on holograms is quite the opposite of Cease’s.

“I might feel a little bit different than Cease,” Cee said. “I think a Biggie hologram is long overdue. And you just never know when a Biggie hologram may actually happen. Hint, hint, hint! I will say that I want to see it. I actually had meetings with hologram people showing me different dynamics of how you can use a certain hologram with Biggie. Of course we know it can be done, but the different ways I’ve seen how it can be done. Honestly, it might be sooner than later that we’ll get to see a Biggie hologram.”

“If it ain’t my homeboy rockin’, I would be so nervous,” said Lil Cease, doubling down. “But I would love to see that. I know the generation today would appreciate getting a glimpse of what it feels like. Big was everything.”