Amber Rose’s much-talked about photo of her and Migos at Coachella with nearly a quarter million likes wasn’t spontaneous at all. The controversial beauty is this week’s guest on Drink Champs and she reveals on the show to hosts N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN that the shot of her flaunting her naked Breasts in front of Migos – NFL All-Pro wide receiver Odell Beckham also joined in on another pic – was premeditated and intended to make a statement.

“That’s why I went to Coachella with a fishnet top on with my tits out on purpose to prove a point,” she said about the picture, which she tagged #HoeChella.

Rose says that she once again wanted to highlight that’s there’s a double standard for men and women when it comes to being sexually free in this country.

Watch the full episode below.

“I just seen a picture of Chris Brown on a yacht with mad girls in thongs around him,” Rose said. “And [people] they’re like ‘damn, Chris is the man. He got all them bad ass bitches around him.’ And I have three successful, talented men looking at me and I’m the hoe. So in Chris Brown’s picture, all the girls that were around him were hoes and in my picture, the guys are around me and I’m the hoe?”

Rose promotes everyone being free to express who they are or “who they’re not,” during her annual SlutWalk. This will be the third year of the event, and she says Migos will be involved.

“It was a planned picture,” she added of the photo. “I wanted to prove a point . Because I want the Migos to perform at my SlutWalk. I was like ‘look. I’m gonna sit like this and look pretty and cute and I want you guys to be salivating over me.’ They were like ‘cool. Let’s do it.’

“This was after I told them what SlutWalk, was about,” she continued. “They were like ‘that’s so fuckin’ dope. We have your back. Let’s fuckin’ do it.’ I love them for that. They’re so amazing. And they did the picture. I was like ‘listen. There’s going to be a lot of horrible things said under the picture and I basically just want to prove a point.’”

You can catch the full episode of Amber Rose on “Drink Champs” this Thursday on Revolt TV at 11 PM EST. She also talks about becoming a stripper at 15, how she grew to become a successful entrepreneur as well as he relationships with Wiz Khalifa and Kanye West.