Jay Electronica fans know that he’s usually tough to find, but whenever he peeks out from his cave, it’s always special. And this week, those fans may have NBA superstar Kevin Durant to thank.

On Monday evening, Jay Elec reached out to Kevin Durant – who is currently putting up a historic performance with the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals – on Twitter. “Peace family. The last time we saw each other, you and your pops told me to release music,” he tweeted. “I’ve been so inspired by your performance in the finals…”

He then tweeted a “gift” to KD: a Tidal-exclusive link “Letter To Falon,” the first solo cut that the elusive MC has released in eight months. The song is produced by Jay Electronica, The Bullitts and Paul Epworth, and features two verses of the thoughtful, poetic rhymes that hip-hop has come to appreciate from Jay Elec. Durant won’t release the secret song he made with LeBron James, but a new track from one of the best rappers alive will do just fine.

While conversation will inevitably turn to questions about the release of Jay’s long-awaited Roc Nation solo debut Act II: Patients of Nobility, it may be best for all fans involved to not get their hopes up. With Jay Electronica, temper expectations and enjoy the gems as they come along.