LeBron James and Kevin Durant have played a number of games together — and even against one another — but did you know that the two NBA superstar ball players also collaborated for a track many years ago? Yes, you read that right. James and Durant both hit the studio at one point to get a few bars or two off for the culture.

ESPN reports that the duo made a song together during the NBA lockout of 2011 while James was a member of the Miami Heat and Durant was still with the Oklahoma City Thunder. They were working out together in James’ hometown of Akron, Ohio, and wrote and recorded the song during down time. Can you imagine being a fly on the wall in those studio sessions?

According to the report, KD rapped the first verse, LeBron came through with the second verse, and KD closed out the song, along with making the beat himself. And get this: the song was actually a “quality track” with the lyrics being “surprisingly well-crafted and delivered.” It was even considered to be added to the soundtrack of the film “Thunderstruck,” which starred Durant, but he chose to keep it private.

It’s not that far-fetched. Both of them are huge music fans: LeBron has been known to preview music by Kendrick Lamar and Meek Mill on his social media before the songs are even released, and Kevin Durant’s stringent rap standards made him subject to the supposed Based God’s Curse after he said he disliked the Lil B’s music.

ESPN says both players confirmed the existence of the track “to a moderate extent,” before breaking out into laughter.

The song won’t be coming out anytime soon, so fans will have to simply wonder what if while watching the two greats share the court instead of the microphone.