After exciting fans recently by teasing that his new album would drop soon, ScHoolboy Q may be letting a few of those same followers down now that he’s denounced a much-awaited collaborative album from the Black Hippy collective (comprised of himself, Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul, and Jay Rock).

Speaking to Montreality, SBQ chalked the missing project up to lack of time, individual aspirations, and the concept of quality over quantity.

He said,

“Everybody keeps asking that question. Y’all have been asking that question for, like, four years. Come on, man. I don’t know, man. I can’t say that. I’m already working on the next joint. I don’t see the time. People don’t understand. When you’re working on an album and you get into a groove, it’s hard to stop that groove and that zone you in and that vision you got, to jump into a whole new thing and restart from a blank sheet.”

“We don’t just put albums out and call it something and it’s just a bunch of dope songs. Everything we do over there is like a concept. We never sat down like, ‘We all gotta do concepts.’ It’s just something that we’ve all done as artists. That’s why we click so much. We’re all pretty much the same mellow dudes and we’re all focused on our crafts and on conceptual shit, so I can’t say that we’ll be in the studio getting a Black Hippy album ready.”

“No matter how much [TDE CEO] Top [Dawg] want it to happen, no matter how much [TDE President] Dave [Free] want it to happen, the chances of us getting into the studio together, working on Black Hippy is slim. There’s too much going on.”

“If we can make it work, I’m down to do it. It’s not even about us… Those are my homies. Of course I wanna do an album with them. It’s just the time. It’s just a lot of time put into albums. We’re not just gonna go in the studio and finish an album in a month. Maybe some of these other rappers do they music like that, but we don’t.”

Could we be getting a Black Hippy album? Guess not.

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