Future, “Comin Out Strong” feat. The Weeknd

Having already collaborated on Future’s “Low Life” and The Weeknd’s “Six Feet Under” and “All I Know,” the men join forces again, this time loitering around an abandoned Toronto subway station before masked men begin to surround them.

Big Boi, “Kill Jill” feat. Killer Mike and Jeezy

In this Tarantino-esque, Asia-inspired clip, the trio play powerful men entertained by a variety of dancers: geishas, twerkers, rice-hatted and robed. Killer Mike performs under a red light; Jeezy gets primped and groomed; and Big Boi sits upon a throne.

Bebe Rexha, “The Way I Are (Dance With Somebody)”

The duo throws a feel-good block party with dancers of different backgrounds and techniques including traditional Indian, hip-hop, salsa, before all joining together in choreography.