“I don’t stress, things always work out.” In conversation, Toian embodies just that, the epitome of being stress-free. The singer-songwriter possesses an exotic coolness that is accentuated in both her sound and visuals.

While a cool kid is normally intimidating, Toian’s “good vibes only” demeanor makes her approachable and “wanna get to know-able.” For most people, that means having to live up to the expectations of others; for her, it means radiating mystery. “It’s easier to keep them guessing,” she said.

Today, Toian is a self-sufficient creative. She writes, produces, and does the editing work on many of her projects in a creative space right outside of Miami. In 2015, she released her debut project Retrospect, five tracks-long of reggae vibes intermixing past, present, and future and reflecting on some of her personal experiences.

This year, Toian’s sound has grown along with her and radiates a modern dancehall vibe that boasts epic riffs and toast type flows with enviable confidence. “People won’t know what to expect with the upcoming project,” the singer said, “but I’m excited to see the reception.” Much has changed in a year for Toian, and “Waves,” the titled project for 2016, expresses that change sonically.

Get to know Toian in her own words:

My sound in five words: Urban, dancehall, tropical, fresh, island.

Best part of making this video: Being able to go through all the shots and edit it myself.

What inspires your art: Inspiration comes from within my mind, from everyday experiences.

Explain the concept of the song in one sentence: Love is never sure, it moves back and forth like waves on the seashore.

IG, Twitter, or Snapchat? I use Instagram the most: @itstoian

What goes down in the DM’s: Things that I can’t say on here.

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/itstoian

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