After a recent string of platinum plus singles of his own and memorable guest appearances, Lil Yachty released his anticipated LP Teenage Emotions. But as the much as the 19-year-old told us, he’s been handling grown man responsibilities.

“I feel good,” Lil Boat told us after a recent show in Miami. “I’ve been stressed out, a lot of work. A lot of work.”

The most painstaking part for the braided boy wonder in completing his album was clearing samples and locking down guest appearances.

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“Everything doesn’t always go the way you planned it to, or the way you don’t plan it,” he said about the most valuable lesson he learned during the process. “It takes time. You gotta be patient and just really understand how things work. I also understand that everything doesn’t go your way.”

One of the records, “DN Freestyle,” needed its beat remade after the original track for it couldn’t be used because of the aforementioned sample issues.

Other than some of the roadblocks he’s overcome, Yachty says for the most part, life for a teenager with an entire legion of fans, multiple millions in the bank and success in his career is as fun as you would think. Teenage Emotions’ strongest conveyed emotion is joy.

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“It’s hard to explain because it’s all over the place,” Yachty said about the feel. “It’s not like my last two projects. I don’t know if I’ll ever make something like it again. [It reflects] Just how I was feeling this last year: amazing. [I had] a blessed year. It definitely shows.”

As for the album cover that shows teenagers from different walks of life, including two males locked in a kiss? The young superstar says he embraces everyone and wanted to display that.

“Unity bro, he explained. “That’s it. Loving yourself for who you are. Embracing yourself. Embracing the youth. “

Listen to Teenage Emotions below.