It’s been just over 25 years since Ice Cube dropped his second solo album Death Certificate and to celebrate the milestone, the rapper will be re-releasing the 1991 classic.

Not just that, it will come with three new songs: “Only One Me,” “Dominate the Weak,” and “Good Cop, Bad Cop.”

The special edition will also be released through Interscope Records, with which Cube has just signed after years of operating under independent labels.

John Janick, Chairman and CEO of Interscope Geffen A&M, said, “We are thrilled to announce that Ice Cube has joined the Interscope family. He’s obviously one of the legendary figures in hip-hop…that’s a massive statement on its own, but he’s so much more than that. Cube has an incredible body of work, and as a fan I’m honored to welcome him to the label.”

In a press release, Cube explained that the new(ish) album was meant to honor more than just himself, likely recalling that the release of the original LP happened months after the beating of Rodney King, which sparked the 1992 Los Angeles riots. Cube said:

“Sadly, our community is dealing with many of the same issues. I only hope that young millennials feeling powerless in the ’hood can channel their own anger and frustration by listening to this record.”

Death Certificate will be re-released on June 9.

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