Jake&Papa have appeared on REVOLT Live to perform their songs “Entertainer” and “Leave Me,” and with a new EP, the sibling duo is ready to introduce themselves.

In this new video, the Los Angeles R&B duo give a peek into the creation of their new EP Tattoos&Blues, and rock some packed shows with the audience cheering their praises and singing along. They also talk to iconic radio personalities Sway Calloway and Big Boy about how being brothers adds chemistry to their artistry.

“It’s got to be good to look to the side and know that you trust this man because this is your blood brother,” Big Boy says. Papa agreed.

“I thank God for that everyday. This grind is hard, it’s tough, and if you don’t have somebody who’s like your mirror and doing it for the same reasons that you’re doing it, you’re in trouble.”

Learn more about Jake&Papa from the video above, and watch them perform on REVOLT Live below. Their new EP Tattoos&Blues is available on all platforms.