By now, you’ve likely seen the pictures from Beyoncé’s ‘Push Party’ this past weekend: the singer and her husband Jay Z donned traditional African garb (while Bey also rocked a henna tattoo on her bare belly) and guests (including Kelly Rowland and Serena Williams) could enjoy recreating Bey’s famed pregnancy announcement photoshoot via a prop set-up.

REVOLT TV has already spoken to the party’s DJ Trauma, who kept the star dancing on her feet all night, and now we’ve heard from stylist Jamar Hart who, along with celebrity designer Burkinabae, adorned the party’s guests and Bey herself. Here’s what he had to say about the unforgettable night.

“The ‘Push Party’ theme was curated around the essence and beauty of African kingdoms, heritage, attributes, and the Motherland,” Hart said. “This theme was the driving force throughout the entire party. Men and women were dancing, celebrating, and enjoying the live African art installation provided by Burkinabae, [who is] from Burkina Faso, West Africa, and I.”

“[We] styled and adorned couture fashions on many of the noble guests including Beyoncé, her mother Tina Lawson, Michelle Williams, Kelly Rowland, Serena Williams, La La Anthony, Vanessa and Kobe Bryant, and many others. Our live art installation allowed us to style [them] with custom African head wraps, bejeweled sunglasses, and uniquely crafted accessories to wear, have fun in, and take pictures with throughout the event and after, [and] the installation allowed the guests to be reminded of the beauty of African Queens, the spirit of Africa, and to help celebrate Beyoncé and Jay Z soon-to-come twins.”

On the impact of the night, Hart said, “This was by far a superlative experience, and an extreme monumental moment in time, of my whole fashion career. Beyoncé and the entire Carter family were extremely gracious and thankful to Burkina and I, in all the hard work and effort we exuded to help make the ‘Push Party’ grand. My team and I are forever thankful, and joyous about the success of this historic moment, and that we had the chance to utilize our skills, and talent through the art of fashion styling and creation.”