DJ Paul returns with sinister new single, "Ain't Gone Love It"

  /  05.25.2017

There’s a void missing in rap and Three 6 Mafia’s DJ Paul plans to fill that in this summer.

Returning with his Volume series, the rap vet pulls out a sinister banger titled, “Ain’t Gone Love It.” Featuring Memphis newcomer Weirdo Westwood King, the record is just one of many speaker-booming from the rap legend, who is prepping the release of his new album due later this year.

In addition to premiering “Ain’t Gone Love It,” DJ Paul also speaks to REVOLT about the next installment in his lauded Volume series, as well as what fans should expect and more.

After all these years, what made you decide to return to the core sound on this album?

I always kept to the dark side and underground sound, but this time I’m doing it fully to the OG core because before it was mostly my fans that wanted it and it was no longer on a major scale, radio, television, commercials, etc. But thanks to the new generation like Migos and others, it’s back popular. But the real credit for bringing it back, I would say goes to Waka because he started rebirthing our crunk style like seven years ago or more.

How did this first single come together? What was it about Weirdo Westwood King that felt like a perfect match for this song?

When I first made the beat, I made it for Weirdo’s solo tape that I’m producing. He’s my new artist from Memphis, but once he heard it, we started writing the hook together. So I ended up thinking it’ll be a better feel for Vol.17 cause it was the OG sound. Weirdo was perfect for it cause his voice is so unique and sounded great over the track. Plus, he love girl songs [Laughs].

What should fans expect from the new album, and who are some names to feature?

It’s really an old DJ Paul Volume style project. It’s more than an album, because I dont rap on every song, but im producing it all and writing the hooks and rapping on some or most and my signature Crunkstramental Style Instrumentals are on there as well. So fans and future fans will really love it because it’s riding. I’ll reveal the features later once these lazy rappers sober up [Laughs]

With two decades in the game, what would you say it is about your sound and Three 6 Mafia that continues to draw influence on generations today?

I think because our sound was so far before its time. It’s just starting to see the highs it should’ve seen long ago, but fuck it. It won an Oscar [Laughs]! Thank G.O.Deezy.


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