Happy birthday to the legendary Dwight Myers, better known as one of the most loved across the board MCs ever, Heavy D. Today the late, great “Overweight Lover” would have turned 50 years old. To put in that in perspective, his career lasted from 25 years from 1986 to 2011 when he passed away. Hev spent over half his life contributing to hip-hop culture and entertaining his millions of fans. In honor of this milestone day, we took a look back at his pristine legacy and have compiled of list of over 50 of our favorite Hev D joints in order!

Pete Rock Reflects On Heavy D’s Supersize Influence Two Years After Death

1) “We Got Our Own Thang” (Big Tyme 1989)

2) “Somebody for Me” featuring Al B. Sure (Big Tyme 1989)

3) “Is It Good To You” (Peaceful Journey 1991)

4) “Nothin But Love” (Nuttin But Love 1994)

5) “The Overweight Lover’s in the House” (Living Large 1987)

6) “Gyrlz They Love Me” (Big Tyme 1989)

7) “Black Coffee” (Nuttin But Love 1994)

8) “Now That We Found Love” featuring Aaron Hall (Peaceful Journey 1991)

9) “You Can’t See What I Can See” (Single 1992)

10) “Big Daddy” (Waterbed Hev 1997)

11) “Got Me Waiting” (Nuttin But Love 1994)

12) “Truthful” (Blue Funk 1993)

13) “Peaceful Journey” (Peaceful Journey 1991)

14) “Mr. Big Stuff” (Living Large 1987)

15) “Don’t Curse” featuring Big Daddy Kane, Kool G Rap, Q-Tip, Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth and Grand Puba (Peaceful Journey 1991)

16) “Who’s The Man” (Blue Funk 1993)

17) “Long Distance Girlfriend” (Vibes 2008)

18) No Matter What (Vibes 2008)

19) “Blue Funk” (Blue Funk 1993)

20) “Like Dat Dhere” (Heavy 1999)

21) “Still Missing You (Love Opus 2011)

22) “Don’t You Know” featuring Al B. Sure (Living Large 1987)

23) “A Buncha Niggas” featuring Gang Starr, 3rd Eye, The Notorious B.I.G., Busta Rhymes, Rob-O (Blue Funk 1993)

24) “Delilah” (Vibes 2008)

25) “Can You Handle It” featuring Tha Dogg Pound & Mcgruff (Waterbed Hev 1997)

26) “Listen” featuring Q-Tip (Heavy 1999)

27) “Moneyearnin’ Mount Vernon” (Living Large 1987)

28) “Love Sexy” (Blue Funk 1993)

29) “Big Daddy” remix (Waterbed Hev 1997)

30) “Ask Heaven” featuring Chico Debarge (Heavy 1999)

31) “More Bounce” (Big Tyme 1989)

32) “Chunky But Funky” (Living Large 1987)

33) “Dance for Me” (Love Opus 2011)

34) “Got Me Waiting” remix (Nuttin But Love 1994)

35) “Don’t Be Afraid” featuring Big Bub (Waterbed Hev 1997)

36) “Sex Wit You” (Nuttin But Love 1994)

37) “On Point” featuring Big Pun and Eightball (Heavy 1999)

38) “Queen Majesty” (Vibes 2008)

39) “Take Your Time” (Nuttin But Love 1994)

40) “Sister Sister” (Peaceful Journey 1991)

41) “You Can Get It” featuring Lost Boyz and Soul for Real (Waterbed Hev 1997)

42) “Love Me Like This” (Vibes 2008)

43) “Keep It Comin” (Waterbed Hev 1997)

44) “Shake It” (Waterbed Hev 1997)

45) “You Know featuring Cee-Lo (Heavy 1999)

Guest Appearances

1) “Alright” remix by Janet Jackson (1990)

2) “Candy Rain” remix by Soul For Real (1995)

3) “Do Me Right” by Guy (1990)

4) “Let’s Get It On” by DJ Eddie F. and the Untouchables also featuring Grand Puba, Notorious B.I.G. and 2Pac

5) “My Love” remix by Mary J. Blige (1993)

6) “Self Destruction” by The Stop The Violence Movement (1989)

7) “Jam” by Michael Jackson (1990)

8) “Dem No Worry We” by Supercat (1992)

9) “We Write The Songs” by Marley Marl also featuring Biz Markie (1998)

10) “The basement” by Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth also featuring Grap Luva, Rob-O and Deda (1992)