3 entrepreneurial tips from Devin Cobbs, the brains behind the '4 Lovers Only' party

  /  05.16.2017

If you don’t know Devin Cobbs, you should get to know him because the entrepreneur has been making a lot of noise lately. While many could say it simply has to do with his vast social media following, others would say it’s because of the hand he had in helping rebuild the popular summer events-turned-apparel brand 40oz NYC and ultimately its expansion, the nationwide party series 40oz Bounce.

But the main reason behind the noise is the nostalgic, yet entertaining party tour he launched called 4 Lovers Only. An R&B party inspired by some of the best tunes from the 90s and early 2000s, 4 Lovers Only has been receiving massive acclaim from the likes of celebrities including Keith Powers (of BET’s The New Edition Story fame) and 90s sex symbol Adina Howard who hit the stage when the tour stopped in New York to perform some of her most memorable classics (“Freak Like Me” and “Do U Wanna Ride”).

Along with starting the 4 Lovers Only tour, Cobbs also launched his own production company (Produced By Dev) that assists in building websites, creating commercials, producing music events and festivals, and much more.

In the premiere episode of the podcast For Those That Don’t Know, Cobbs sits down with Bay Area native and hip-hop connoisseur Russell North to discuss entrepreneurship, balancing relationships in this digital and social media era, and the current state of New York’s popular night life. Read some highlights below.

“Believe in your brand. I’ve never been the type of person who just wanted the money from people; that’s why every event is free. Let me have [the attendees] believe in the brand before I even ask for money. And when you do get inside the venue, I’m only asking for $1 for a shirt, a hat, or a custom-made pin. But I’m not asking for much because I want the people to believe in the brand.”

“There is literally no way you can let anything stop you. It doesn’t matter if it’s a diploma or whatever. There’s nothing that says you can’t do this. What the fuck is that? A piece of paper saying that I’m suspended? I can rip a piece of paper up. I’m going to do it anyway. I was determined and my thing was, I wasn’t going to let anyone stop me from going to school. That’s how you get to where you need to get to. Just don’t let anyone stop you. You just go and then afterwards you can look back and say, ‘Oh shit, I really did do that.’”

“Don’t give up. Believe in yourself. Never take ‘no’ for an answer because when building a brand-business, that’s just something that you can’t do. Write that in your goals and just apply that to your life everyday.”


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