Katy Perry, “Bon Appétit” ft. Migos (NSFW)

Playing on the song’s title, Perry becomes a literal piece of meat, prepped to be consumed by a bunch of suits. She’s kneaded, stretched, boiled, basted, ladled, torched, sprinkled with toppings, and rolled in flour before Migos come to her rescue.

DNCE, “Kissing Strangers” feat. Nicki Minaj

The band spends a morning handing out fliers and stocking up for house party-turned-bar performance later that night where Nicki makes a cameo and sets her eyes on Joe Jonas.

DVBBS, “You Found Me” feat. Belly

The electronic duo recruits fellow Canadian Belly to perform in a dimly-lit warehouse scattered with static-airing televisions. A mysterious woman steals the spotlight, too.