The Drop is our featured playlist on Soundcloud and Spotify that was created to keep you in the know with music from dope, rising artists.

1) “Rick Rubin” by Jimi Tents

As Brooklyn rapper Jimi Tents prepares his sophomore project, he pays homage to producer Rick Rubin in his latest track: “B_tch I do it to the death, like that n_gga Rick Rubin.”

2) “OMW” by Jay IDK

Things are heating up for Jay IDK in 2017, especially with his Adult Swim alliance and the release of his new song “OMW.” With a prime production team in Mike Hector, Nate Fox, Alex Tumay and Mike Dean, Jay IDK is firmly letting everyone know that he is on his way up.

3) “Matrix” by A.CHAL

As if Morpheus was his dealer, A.CHAL experiences the trippy balance between Zion and the Matrix after ingesting red and blue pills: “I’m goin’ through the Matrix, red and blue pills, black shades, that’s the basics, I feel it with me eye, that’s why I move low, get the codes, never mind it, yeah.”

4) “Hierarchy” by Cailin Russo

About 2 months have passed since Cailin Russo kickstarted her career with “September Rose,” and now she continues to build the hype with her latest, “Hierarchy.” While there is a sense of frustration and upset at the opening of this track, it ends with Russo expressing that she doesn’t need anyone’s approval and she’s confident in her uniqueness: “In a room full of dominos, I’ma be a wild flower, coasting with wild colors, oh and I don’t need validation, baby.”

5) “Annual Check Up” by Dutchboy

New Jersey artist Dutchboy releases his first single “Annual Check Up” since his album When I’m Not Around, which dropped mid-January. This self-produced banger will get you head boppin in no time.

6) “Sunset Interlude” by Derin Falana

Ontario rapper Derin Falana offers some old school pop in this smooth, refreshing new track “Sunset Interlude,” in which he tries to convince an interest of his to spend some time with him: “I got a little thing with you, you got a little thing with me, so baby can I show you something, why don’t you come and hang with me.”

7) “Human Gods” by Twelve’Len ft. Denzel Curry

Twelve’Len teams up with fellow Floridian Denzel Curry on the wavy track “Human Gods.” The two go over an interesting blend of various instrumentals, and even touch on subjects including astrology and materialism: “Rule my people with astrology, asking your girl bout that zodiac, some people see faith in cognac, some people see God in Cadillacs.”

8) “Lucky Guy” by JAYLIEN

St. Louis-bred singer, writer and producer JAYLIEN returns after delivering his debut album Summer’s Over last July. The artist takes on 2017 with his latest single “Lucky Guy,” in which he sings about his relationship with a girl who also happens to have a boyfriend: “You know you’re mine baby, he can’t keep you much longer, you’ll be mine forever.”

9) “Comfortably Me” by Chloé Leone

Rising British songstress Chloé Leone shares her first release of 2017 with “Comfortably Me,” produced by Fred Cox (Janelle Monae, LionBabe). Sharing more about the track via her Instagram account, Chloé says: “23 was the age of realisation. I managed to let go of all the gas and bullshit and stop people/the media projecting there ideas of what I was meant to be. ‘Comfortably Me’ was one of the first songs in my whole life I felt fit all my influences and everything I was about.”

10) “Momma’s Boy” by Masego

Masego shares a heartfelt song dedicated to his mother just in time for Mother’s Day: “Intelligent, beautiful, wise, wealthy, driven, driving eyes, shining, inspiring, powerful, heavy walking, world traveling, advice giving, loving, leading, woman of God.”

11) “BLADES” by FARR

Future electro-soul duo FARR (made of LA-based vocalist Roméo and London-based producer Linden Jay) deliver another solid track following the release of their debut single “DOWN.” Their catchy, new song “BLADES” offers a soft, mellow intro before transitioning into a fiery groove. You may have this one on repeat for a while.

12) “People Like Me” by LIANA BANK$ feat. Ayo Jay

Following the release of her raw energy-filled single “GHOST,” Queens-born singer-songwriter LIANA BANK$ returns with a new summer vibe “People Like Me” featuring Ayo Jay. On the steel-drum infused track, BANK$ warns that she is not the person to fall in love with: “I don’t play nice, you shouldn’t love people like me ’cause people like me don’t know a thing ’bout love.”

13) “Teardrops In A Hurricane” by Jordan Mackampa

Soulful, singer-songwriter Jordan Mackampa has been capturing attention since the release of his debut EP Physics last year. Now the Coventry-based (UK) artist has returned with a 4-track EP titled Tales From The Broken. In his noteworthy song “Teardrops In A Hurricane,” Mackampa offers folk-like melodies, gently warming your spirit with his mesmerizing vocals. If you’re looking for something refreshing and on the acoustic side, this is the track to turn to.

14) “Unwind” by healy

Memphis artist healy shares his first track from his upcoming project ‘Subluxe,’ slated to drop June 9. “Unwind” is that track you sit back and vibe to when you’re in need of some rest and relaxation: “I’ve been working all week no lie, can’t sleep and I don’t know why, and I don’t know why, I’m just trying to unwind.”

15) “Unravel Me” by Sabrina Claudio

Miami-born and Los Angeles-based songstress Sabrina Claudio shares her latest, sultry single “Unravel Me,” in which sings about her dwindling connection with a lover: “It’s something about the season that we’re in, that’s making me think that we’re not supposed to do this, I know that you’re trying to understand but you can’t, ’cause I keep on making excuses about the fall, the rise.”

16) “Fluffy Pink Lights” by Just Rese

Last month Oakland artist Just Rese was featured in our April playlist for The Drop. Now he’s back with a future bounce style track titled “Fluffy Pink Lights,” in which he speaks on a relationship that went sour and fell apart: “To much time has gone into this, we can’t settle our differences…I could try harder, you took my honor and threw up on it.”

17) “Signs” by NoMBe

NoMBe is back with his with his fifth release of the year, “Signs.” Speaking on the upbeat, rock infused / indie-pop track, he explains “this is one of my favorite records on the album and I hope it will creep into your ear canal solely to make psychedelic guitar babies and pass out for a few months.”

18) “Miss Communication” by Da-P & theMIND ft. Sun

Da-P and theMIND together deliver a funktastic single with “Ms. Communication.” The song touches on miscommunication and how it causes confusion in relationships. Although a relatable concept, it is pretty ironic how the beat itself isn’t as complicated.

19) “Playground” by ABIR

Moroccan-born and New York based, singer/songwriter Abir returns with a new track about her metaphorical playground, a place where loved ones and friends are free to be themselves: “Welcome to my playground, where all my people in my kinfolk stay down, and we don’t care ’bout if you ballin’, if you famous, if you drinkin,’ just stay down”