When nostalgia meets the present, you get the renaissance of hip-hop through East Orange, N.J. native Blaze, the Rebel. His name alone speaks volumes since his rebel persona comes to life through his records and machine gun cadence. Rebel mentality? More like a rebel movement. His immediate team consists of producer IamJkeys and singer/rapper Alvine, collectively form The Rebel Clan, a young group of young hardworking artists that have their eyes set on pushing the envelope in the industry. The rebel idea comes from their roots of East Orange, N.J., or as Blaze would refer to as “ILLTOWN.” His upbringing and influences helped develop his sound of smooth nostalgic production over hard hitting rhymes, a distinct voice and a flow that will keep you listening.

Blaze, the Rebel is confident that with his selfless work ethic and continuous presence, he will not only be a rebel… but an inspiration as well.

Get to know Blaze in his own words:

My sound in 5 words or less: Youthful and Eccentric

Best part of making this video: Shooting the first scene and watching the effect come to life.

What inspires your art: My idols, my environment, and the different situations I’ve been through that made me who I am.

Explain the concept of this song in one sentence: This song is an anthem about not letting our situations hold us back from leveling up.

Instagram, Twitter, or Snapchat? Instagram: @Blaze_therebel

Favorite Emoji: Surfboard Emoji

SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/blaze-the-rebel

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