Last week, Lil Wayne made headlines when he announced during a show that he was a “member of the [Roc] team.” It was unclear whether that meant he joined Jay Z’s Roc Nation as a signed artist of the label or as a client under the company’s management umbrella, but the rapper clarified the news today (April 21) during an interview with Skip Bayless on Undisputed.

Of his affiliation with Roc Nation, Lil Wayne simply said that Jay has become a “good” friend who’s offered “help” during what we’re assuming is his ongoing legal battle with Birdman.

Weezy said, “Jay is just a good guy. It was nothing but a simple thing. Friend to friend, ‘I just want to help you.’ Simply. That’s all it was. ‘I just want to help you, man, in any way I can.’ Right now, he’s just gonna help me in any way he can.”

However, regarding an official deal being signed between the two men, Weezy denied that that was in place yet, definitively saying, “No. We haven’t done that yet. We’re still working on that. That’s a situation.”

He continued, “But Jay is just a good guy and he just wants to help me. That’s it. He’s gonna be helping me.”