Meet Mr. Yancey, the middle school history teacher whose teaching techniques are going viral. He takes lessons his students are currently studying in class and gives them a modern twist, taking popular lyrics from pop and rap music and exchanges them for historic facts. In his class, it is not uncommon to see kids laughing, joining in and engaging in his social studies lessons.

Mr. Yancey has been using this teaching technique for the past three years and has seen vast improvements in how the students interact with the material.

The video below has been pulled from Mr. Yancey’s YouTube page, where he posted a recent “Bad and Boujee” remix that has garnered over 80,000 views.

Since the above video went viral, NowThis interviewed Yancey about his teaching methods, where he cites some of the reasons why he chose to connect with his students through music. He also describes how it has improved his students’ engagement in class.

It’s not difficult to see that he has truly found a way to connect with his students. Yancey’s ability to put himself out there and try something new with his students has obviously struck a chord with a lot of viewers. Here is a sampling of some of the comments that were left on the video:

And if anyone would like to hear any additional “originals” by Mr. Yancey, feel free to check out the following four videos: