Diddy reveals Notorious B.I.G. had writer's block for six months before making 'Life After Death'

  /  03.25.2017

Notorious B.I.G. not being able to come up with rhymes is just as unfathomable as Allen Iverson not being able to dribble a basketball, Wayne Gretsky not being able to skate. You can’t imagine that right? Well, it happened.

After the release of Junior M.A.F.I.A.’s Conspiracy LP in 1995 and before he started recording his sophomore classic Life After Death in 1996, Biggie went through a half a year of not being able to do what he did best.

Talking exclusively with REVOLT TV of the eve of Life After Death’s 20th anniversary, Diddy revealed a little-known fact behind a barren recording point in the late great King of New York’s career.

“A lot of people don’t know that Big stopped working for a while,” Diddy recalled. “He had a writer’s block and just an idea block. It lasted like 6, 7 months. We kinda kept it quiet. During that time he started getting in trouble, got into a car accident. A whole bunch of stuff was not going in the right direction. I got with him and really started explaining to him, ‘You know we could blow it?’ He started kinda really believing in the hype and wasn’t really focused on the second album.”

However, the competitor in Big started to shine through. The iconic wordsmith got inspired by some then-upcoming fire-spitters on his label, as well as a cinematic soundscape that Puff Daddy and the Hitmen would supply.

“I think Big got over the writer’s block when I started doing other things,” Diddy added. “I started doing Mary [J. Blige’s] remix album, the Lox and Mase was just going and starting to freestyle. I think he had to start hearing stuff. I went and did that Trinidad trip and came back with a lot of heat. I went and took this famous trip to Trinidad where I basically made…70 percent of the records that I put out in the 90s were made during one trip. I made 100s of records. I made his whole album, my whole album, Faith’s whole album, Total’s whole album, Mase’s whole album, all on this one trip. Then I think it was just you know, I had to wake him up. It was time to get back in the game.”

You can hear more never-before-told memories surrounding Biggie’s uber-classic double-LP today on REVOLT TV. “Life After Death: Reflections By Diddy” airs at 4pm EST today on REVOLT TV.



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