Imagine the music they could have made, The King and Prince. Notorious B.I.G. not only had aspirations of sampling the Prince-produced Vanity Six classic “Nasty Girl” for Life After Death‘s standout track “Nasty Boy,” but Biggie tried for an original collaboration with the Purple One as well.

As Diddy tells REVOLT TV on the eve of Life After Death‘s 20th anniversary, Big’s raw content was too much for the pop icon.

“We met with Prince,” Diddy revealed. “We did the [‘This Time Around’] record with Michael Jackson, and me and [Big] were Prince fans. But this came at a time when Prince wasn’t really rocking with hip-hop and clearing any samples. That really didn’t go too well. But we was always still cool with him and I wound up sampling some of his records and he wound up not chasing me for them in the future. Great guy. He would go through his phases and he came back to us and let us know how proud he was of us. He was really protective at one time of just what was going on with the ‘bitch’ and ‘hoe’ controversy. That was a real thing in hip-hop. That was a real reflection point in hip-hop when we were being asked to take responsibility and think about what we were saying.”

You can hear more never-before-told memories surrounding Biggie’s uber-classic double-LP today on REVOLT TV. “Life After Death: Reflections By Diddy” airs tomorrow, March 25, at 4pm EST on REVOLT TV.