It was only two months ago that iLoveMakonnen came out as gay but, almost immediately, the news was eclipsed by Migos’ reaction to it. The fellow Atlanta musicians initially couldn’t understand the support Makonnen received and chalked it up to the world being “f–cked up” before issuing an apology.

Now, in an interview with The FADER, Makonnen has weighed in on the small controversy.

“We don’t really talk no more. We ain’t never really talk, you know what I’m saying? I’ve always had business with everybody….Like, it was all music shit….But you see how friends do in interviews. So it’s like, oh well, with friends like these, who needs enemies. And now you gotta come back with some sorry ass excuse. Nah. That’s only cause you got the #1 record and you didn’t wanna f–k it up….It don’t even matter. Migos say whatever they said. It’s a misunderstanding. But there’s no war over here. It can get messy in Atlanta, though, ’cause it’s probably more gays than it is goddamn straights! They will rise!…Y’all gotta do y’all to save your face. Y’all gots to do y’all. I’m gon’ always do me. I got no animosity towards y’all. Why is it about me? Why you talkin’ about Makonnen? Y’all “Bad and Boujee” right now. Why we talkin’ bout Makonnen? It’s whatever. Ain’t nobody hit me up personally. Y’all want to reach out to me? I’m not hard to find! I’m not hiding from nobody. Don’t talk on me saying I feel like I have to hide, don’t mention anything about me.”

Makonnen also spoke about Drake whose OVO Sound label he was signed to soon after the Drizzy remixed his “Tuesday” track in 2014, resulting in a radio smash. However, the men parted ways two years later and despite it seeming amicable, Makonnen may have ignited a feud when he made an appearance on Tim Westwood’s radio show, spitting: “Mothaf–kas say I got dropped / You know that’s a mothaf–kin’ lie / Only place I dropped is in my goddamn pants size.”

At a VMAs afterparty later that year, Makonnen reportedly got into an altercation with a dude he “so-called look[ed] up to.” About the interaction, Makonnen told FADER:

“I was threatened by others. Someone I so-called look up to. Saying, ‘We gon f–k you up the next time we see you.’…It was in the middle of the goddamn afterparty at the Up&Down club….And I took pictures with Chainsmokers and G-Eazy and everybody and we all friends. And I’m here in the middle of the floor, no security, and they coming and I just step to the side and they see me and stop and the biggest motherf–ker in the game goes, ‘Next time I’ma f–k you up!’…I don’t have nothing to say. All I did was smile. And I guess they took that as a threat. I was confused, like, ‘It can’t be little old me. I’m just a goddamned old record from way back when. What the f–k am I doing causing stresses and pains?…Around all that security, the dude that’s doing it — we have a platinum-selling record together! The guy! The leader of the crew!”